Nov 19, 2008


a co-worker of mine recently went on a business trip to south africa. she spent her own money to buy little mementos for the people she would meet there, over $200.00 to make these new far-off colleagues feel appreciated. in part of her presentation she showed an image of our new president-elect and his family, to great cheers in the room. many folks wanted to congratulate the people of the U.S., saying they didn't think we would ever be brave enough to elect a black man as president. apparently they had some really interesting conversation. she came back with great big wide eyes, stories told excitedly of her time there, and little trinkets for all of us. she has many strengths and interests, but above all she cares greatly about the world around her and treating people well and with respect. she makes that clear with every decision, every comment, every act, every thought. i think i've found another hero.