Jan 29, 2008

oh dear.

i think it's all the dried apricots and cherries i ate today.

growls about parking permits

huge. mental. block. getting between me and a 2008 visitor parking permit issued from city hall. i have now stood in line twice at 8:30 in the morning only to realize i have illegitimate proof of my residence. yesterday it was the magazines - no magazines allowed. why not? they are dated. in fact, one of them is a weekly, and would definitely be delivered within the month. and i didn't check carefully enough yesterday, but all the mail i had with me (and in fact, all the mail i have received and haven't recycled yet) is undated. they all are pre-paid postage pieces with no postmark.

what the hell happened to my correspondence? i just corresponded to myself from work. hopefully i'll get my incredibly depressing self-sent mail within the next couple of days.

my favorite moment in this minor struggle was the comment i got from the city clerk when i suggested they make the rules more explicit on their website: "lady, do you know how long our website would be if we posted every possible rule?" here's a guess: just long enough, asshole.

as dad quipped, that's what i get for trying to fight city hall.

Jan 19, 2008

future almost perfect

my hemming and hawing is over. after much internal debate i have decided to take a class on museum studies. i'm taking it for no credit, mainly because the idea of doing it for credit scared me too much. i was getting all anxious and skin-crawly whne thinking about being graded on it. not quite sure why that is, but think it has to do with it being close to my undergrad major and a potential career path of mine which i abandoned.

the final exam for social psych was on friday, and now i have my fridays back. big sigh of relief. i enjoyed the class, but i will enjoy so much more the ability to relax immediately after work, and the ability to make plans to be out of town on weekends.

i definitely have my job until march. past march everything is undetermined. not that my future where i work isn't being considered by others - there is just no firm vision of what my role will be and what i can expect as an offer. stay tuned for more.

brief conversations about possible 2008 vacation ideas for me and nate have begun: i suggested a bike tour in croatia, or italy, or france. nate's not sure he wants to do an organized tour. nate suggested egypt. i have internalized paranoia about being conned and ripped off at national monuments there, based on honeymoon stories my parents told me. (stories from 1968, mind you.) i've also been thinking about spain and morocco and algeria. feedback is highly encouraged.

Jan 8, 2008


recently i heard someone wishing for the "aughts" to be over soon because they are a pain in the ass to say. i happen to like them, maybe even more so because saying "aught-eight" sounds so incredibly old-fashioned but, look! it's the two-thousands! strange? maybe, but not for me - i generally like anachronistic things: handwritten letters and calendar books; ladies fashion gloves; despite it's debatable charms, the music of my youth; typewriters; the future as its depicted in the past. and yes, here we are, now fully a week embedded into '08 and i'm knee-deep in anachronisms - wearing slips and hand-kneading my cookie dough (though secretly envious of grace's new kitchen tool.)

without completely losing sight of the old or the present, i have some forward thinking thoughts for this year. and of course, many more resolution-type ideas than may be good for me, at least according to this entry over at the nytimes. the overarching themes include general health and wellbeing goals, as well as more consistent efforts at enjoying home, hosting, and home-made goodness. a week into the new year and all that still seems perfectly manageable.

grandma believed that there was no point in wishing for tomorrow before today was over. the earliest memory i have of hearing that was during a beach walk when she and grandpa still lived at seaplace. i couldn't have been older than six or seven. if i can continue to enjoy today for what it is, and not skip it in my search for a better future, then i think those resolutions for the year will become my everyday actions. it's a way of seeing the world and my place in it which can always be improved upon. and there is my one true guiding principle for this bright and sparkling new year. funny, it comes from so long ago.