Oct 5, 2010

it's not right, but it's okay.

okay, maybe i don't feel quite that bad. but i am looking forward to being sniffle and sneeze free. i've spent the last four days hydrating frequently, sleeping longer than usual, conserving energy where possible, eating healthfully (minus a few extraneous apple cider donuts), standing in the steamy shower a few extra minutes, and although i am feeling better i'm not quite breathing easy yet.

more than that, of course, i'm looking forward to seeing my far-flung family and farther flung friends in just a few days. there is nothing that will feel better than being surrounded by all that love and support on saturday while nate and i marry each other.

sidebar: yet another reason nate is the one for me: he aims for balance in his life. like, right this minute, he is simultaneously stretching and eating from a big bag of potato chips.