Sep 2, 2010

96 hours

this work week, these past 96 hours, has been full of days of exhaustion. i've come home, followed my normal routine (change, knit, eat, read) and then passed out cold before nate's even come close to the bedroom. it's more than high time to recharge my batteries. and i couldn't be luckier: my last minute request to take a day off tomorrow has been granted, and leads me into two days in maine to relax with friends and go white water rafting for the first time in years, and then the holiday off to enjoy a leisurely morning and then a bike ride with friendly folk.

besides considering how the immediate future will far outweigh the immediate past, today i was able to make headway with some work tasks and wedding tasks. take that, thursday. and suck it, work week. i am done with you.

although my erratic presence here won't be much affected, i'm going offline starting tomorrow morning and i'm looking forward to the separation. it will be nice to get away, and really get my brain away, too.