Dec 27, 2007

final score: 173

i just won scrabble by turing "id" into "idolatry" and leaving only a blank tile in my rack.

final score:
me - 173
gil - 171
dad - 127

Dec 26, 2007

a christmas miracle

today i drove stick shift for the first time on real roads, from medford to lawrence: about 23 miles. i'm still getting the hang of the gas and clutch dance that starts groovin' at every stoplight and rotary. it was a somewhat stressful experience, but i was smiling as soon as i stepped out of the car, and stopped feeling shaky about ten minutes after we arrived. according to nate, i had the same expression on my face the entire time:

("hoooooooooooooly crap")

Dec 22, 2007

bag #1

i made it!

which is sadder?

1. at my volunteer gig i was asked to create a sign, which i did in a very simple way - all words, no pictures, straight to the point. i used markers. i was highly praised for my skill set. i was told my verbiage would be used in an email and asked if i wanted to be credited in said email. it was the most praise i received for my work all week.

2. alone at home a few nights ago i watched 28 days, starring sandra bullock. actually, what i did was select it from amongst all the free On Demand features to watch. and then i watched it. the whole thing. and was only moderately disappointed with myself for spending almost two hours of my life doing so.

Dec 21, 2007

you know what has been amazing recently?

saying no >> saying no to trusteeship for two more years. saying no to more volunteer desk-time after work. saying no to all my flight instincts, and instead, remaining engaged through a tough conversation.

leeks >> specifically, in the mediterranean vegetable dish for which they were procured. and then, again, slightly browned in a frying pan before topping a pizza.

taking personal days >> even though i ended up staying at home, sick and lethargic, just the decision to take off a few just-because days for myself felt really good.

feeling vulnerable >> and saying so out loud.

bobbins and threading >> i finally filled a bobbin and threaded the sewing machine all by myself.

finishing sewing projects >> for real! i made napkins for nate - both because he needed some and because i needed practice before making some as a wedding gift for some beloveds. and, a tote bag.

flannel sheets >> and flannel blankets.

Dec 13, 2007

telegram, september 16 1915

"instructions to the government of aleppo [city in northern syria]: it was at first communicated to you that by order of the jemiet, "the ittihad committee" had decided to destroy all the armenians living in turkey. those who oppose this order and decision cannot remain on the official staff of the empire. an end must be put to their existence however criminal the measures taken may be, and no regard must be paid to either age or sex or to conscientious scruples."

.sent by mehmed talat pasha, turkish minister of interior affairs from july 1913 to october 1918.