Dec 21, 2007

you know what has been amazing recently?

saying no >> saying no to trusteeship for two more years. saying no to more volunteer desk-time after work. saying no to all my flight instincts, and instead, remaining engaged through a tough conversation.

leeks >> specifically, in the mediterranean vegetable dish for which they were procured. and then, again, slightly browned in a frying pan before topping a pizza.

taking personal days >> even though i ended up staying at home, sick and lethargic, just the decision to take off a few just-because days for myself felt really good.

feeling vulnerable >> and saying so out loud.

bobbins and threading >> i finally filled a bobbin and threaded the sewing machine all by myself.

finishing sewing projects >> for real! i made napkins for nate - both because he needed some and because i needed practice before making some as a wedding gift for some beloveds. and, a tote bag.

flannel sheets >> and flannel blankets.

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