Apr 30, 2008

extra spicy trees?

is it allergen-heavy today? my eyes are all itchy and cranky. i stared at the computer screen no longer than usual today. i got a relatively normal amount of sleep. i've been hydrating. i'm confused. it's making me think i'm tired.

Apr 24, 2008


-clue number 2-

gotta get away

before even realizing it, both nate and i managed to take tomorrow off. thursday really is the new friday. nate deserves his little holiday - he's been working hard, and working long hours, including late into the night and on weekends. good for him. as for me, i just wanted to use another day or two of my accumulated vacation before work gets crazy and they won't unchain me from the desk. tomorrow - last friday of the month, and we'll be taking as much advantage of it as possible. my plans include some time on my bike, checkbook balancing, cooking, and a healthy dose of midday hugs, so rare in the office environment and so wonderfully abundant in the presence of my homeboy.

meanwhile...in bigger and better vacation news, we'll be going on a 9-day trip beyond the shores of this continent come mid-may. once again, off to a destination not yet explored by either of us. can you guess? some of my people come from this place, and i've been thinking about visiting it for a while, though i haven't talked a whole lot about it. nate has had his picture up for a couple of days already. here's my first clue:

there are many details to square away, so much unplanned, still malleable. we have our plane tickets, and everything else is a work in progress. this is the second exciting and nerve-wracking part of the planning. the first was buying those damn tickets. (are you sure? should we? we should, right? okay, you ready? alright, okay, i'm going to...)

Apr 21, 2008

competing interests

today's breakfast included both coffee and matzoh, totally confusing my body.

Apr 18, 2008

friday,...and spring? life is good, and it's a day worth celebrating. in honor of the abundant sunshine and warm temperatures, i traded grays and browns for sage green, khaki, and tans. i also biked to work for the first time since last fall. and so, after i leave the office for the day i'll take a little ride. tonight, i've got my sights set on nachos (thanks for the recipe refresher, katy!) and nate and i were talking about breaking into the cupcake care package received earlier this week (thanks, mom!).

the only thing this day could possible be lacking is a street party, complete with thumping tunes and ginger beer. if anyone's got one of those, let me know.

Apr 16, 2008


mom sent me the most amazing care package of supplies to make cupcakes, based on an obsession i had with them last week. (every week, really...) all sorts of baking fun in a box - cupcake mix, frosting, decorative candies, the accordian-folded cups that house them while baking. i'm very excited.

last night nate used the package of mix he got over the holidays - white chocolate batter, raspberry frosting. sweet explosion! they were tasty, but i have to admit what should come as no surprise - real chocolate, the darker the better, wins every day in my book.

i have promised pictures of the final product. after two back-to-back cupcakes last night, i may have to wait until next week at the very least before the next batch gets made.

eugene, oregon follow-up

my trip was super brief, and fairly last minute, and yet i still managed to get out a little and see a small slice of the place - more than any of my other business trips here have allowed for.

- lucky noodle: very nice dinner. definitely thumbs up. seems to be a good place for almost all demographics. i saw all sorts hanging out here. prices weren't too steep, and the atmosphere was nice. also, gelatto!

- collins cycles: lovely bright and open space for a bike shop. great new models on display, a good selection of sale items, both bikes and clothes, as well as all the usual supplies and gadgets, shoes, bags (messenger, backpack, and panniers), along with a helpful and friendly staff. kids section was well stocked, too.

- the main branch of the library: on ann's recommendation, i carved out time for the library to check out the courtyard. so glad i did. the outdoor space, even without greenery yet, was really lovely. bench seats and tables in kids' sizes, and a couple of sculptures, all covered in gorgeous and unusual mosaic stylings, including poetry about reading and books, and built-in chess/checker boards. the focal point on the open patio is the elephant laid out on the ground, it's entire perimeter taken from "oliphaunt" by tolkien. worth noting also: the entire children's section was very well done and seemed to be actually used and liked by both kids and parents.

- many a beer place. regional beer: quasi-religion out this way. would have stopped in, but i settled for the regional wine and snack tasting on the puddlejumper between eugene and seattle.

- eugene hilton and conference center: location of our meeting. had bikes outside the main door for use by it's guests. staff were very helpful and friendly. the room was standard and suitable. but let me say again - the staff were extremely competent and good folk.

- democratic convention: there was a picture of chelsea clinton on the nytimes homepage standing in the lobby of above hotel. i was there! (i was there a day earlier, but still...)

- also: mountains/hills in the background, bike friendly streets, i spotted an orange lotus, public art all around.

a nice place to visit. since i have friends in portland, it's likely if i go back to oregon it will be there and not eugene, but if i found myself back there i would not be so sad.

Apr 11, 2008

day 2 of 2

Okay, so maybe Hillary won't be here. Too bad. I hope I overlap long enough to see some of the coterie. May not happen.

It's been a whole lot of quality hotel time. I did go on a date, nate's word, last night with this really lovely lady who is a consultant with my group. we strolled up pearl street and looked in a few stores, then found our way to lucky noodle for a delicious thai meal and some great conversation.

i might have to stop there again today for gelato. according to their marketing, it's good. let me be the judge of that, i say. i think i'll have an hour or two for a stroll once this conference wraps up and before my flight out. ann recommended I go check out the public library's courtyard, so i may head that way, too.

Apr 10, 2008

eugene - democratic hotbed

the a/v guy at the hotel just told me that tomorrow through sunday they are expecting hillary, chelsea, and possibly obama's wife for... um... i don't know exactly what. but here. not just eugene, but this hotel in which we have set up camp. who knows, maybe i'll get to say hello to secret service tomorrow morning.

Apr 8, 2008

ships in the night

all of nate's stuff is now out of the place he was renting and so that means he is all moved in. now that he's here, i've been asked, fairly last minute, to go across the country to staff a conference. ha.