Aug 31, 2009

the only romantic thing left

mimi weddell, 95 year old actress/model, on hats:

(posted today on my new favoritest blog, advanced style.)

Aug 28, 2009

july was marked with chaos, august has been marked with pleasure. my class ended in the first week, leaving me with four weeks before i'm next responsible for assigned readings and other work. no extravagant uses of these days really, just an easy enjoyment of extra hours each day, and extra days each week. i've made time for friends who haven't seen me since april or earlier, i've made time for fun errands and outings with nate, and i've made time for magazines and books and couch and silly tv.

the students are back in harvard square. the sidewalks are crowded with amorphous clusters which seemingly expand to the whole width just when you want to get by. the bookstore aisles are packed with bodies. the wait time to order and pay for lunches has lengthened.

i love this time of year - the palpable excitement in the air. (or, is it anxiety?) usually i'm inspired to reorganize my desk or alphabetize my cd collection, or perform some other ordering and neatening in recognition of either the ancient harvesting season or the more likely modern back-to-school buzz.

organization is still key this year, but it has more to do with finally finding spaces and places for the items still in cardboard boxes. two months after we moved and last night my old sturdy bookcase friend was reassembled and filled to the brim with four (or was it five?) boxes worth of books. this was the big push. the majority of what was left un-unpacked were those books.

this will be a nice weekend. it will be rainy and perfect for lazing about, and putting nails in walls for holding frames, and maybe a movie or two, and some friends. and maybe a little more pleasure and calm before the fall energy starts in earnest.

Aug 6, 2009

2 years

and i miss grandma still.