Jan 28, 2009

snow. plows. waking up. my brain.

snow was already deep on the ground by the time i woke up this morning. another white blanket of sound-dampening softness blah blah blah. there's so much snow this winter i might be all tapped out. i'm losing my enthusiasm for packing snowballs and being the first to tromp through an undisturbed patch. i keep getting all crotchety at the state or the city or whomever is supposed to keep the roads clear: winter has never managed to surprise us. it comes every single year. how come the unpreparedness in dealing with it? why do roads still close down, and how is it that with all the plows and salt there are days the snow is left uncleared on major roadways? but this morning is different. i woke up this morning cranky and in no mood to start the day. (truth be told, this actually happens to me quite frequently, i'm no morning person despite various attempts to train myself otherwise.) so here i am, all out of sorts and brain not fully working at maximum capacity, eyes not opening to maximum wideness, etc. and i realize i'm that person who can't get prepared for the same thing to happen over and over and over. i should be more crotchety with myself about not being ready for morning, or, i should be more understanding when winter come and the roads are a disgusting mess of dirty slush and there's mayhem all over the streets. of course, i could just go to bed earlier. what's their excuse?

Jan 17, 2009