May 22, 2011


in between and threaded in and out of all the wet cool weather, all sorts of unusual goings on around these parts. i've been spring cleaning the crap out of various corners of the house, replacing and dusting and updating and organizing. my friend's band played on our front porch yesterday afternoon as part of a city wide free music event, and i learned that i need a literal house band to come play all the time because it's just so much fun. this past week i worked a conference at the parker house hotel in boston and learned it's packed full of interesting little historical sidebars: dickens wrote there, ho chi minh was a busboy there, malcolm x was a waiter there, guess where boston cream pies were invented? i learned good and bad news this week and connected with some friends i've been missing for some time. bike rides and car rides in the rain can be just as good or even better in the mist and rain as they can in the sunshine. i transplanted some shoots and planted some seeds after the deluge strengthened some of my plants and flooded some others. and nate bought his first pair of jeans. ever. this coming week i've got dancing, dinnering, celebrating, and reconnecting to do before the holiday weekend. if a spot of sun decided to come play, too, that might be nice.