Dec 20, 2009

watching out

it came down last night. it's a white pre-christmas. and just in time so that everyone benefits from a good excuse for a lazy sunday, or perhaps a lazy sunday morning followed by lots of sunday shoveling. i've got some oatmeal, a clementine, a tiny bit of the mint brownies i made yesterday, a steaming mug of tea, and the perfect spot for watching the windy snow swirls out the window from a cuddly place on the couch.

lisa, in all her pregnant glory, braved the impending storm yesterday to be here for some crafty times. my sewing machine is unfathomable to me. despite getting it repaired, it is creating nothing for me but grief. still, we had a good time. we munched on the brownies and some homemade potato chips, got lots of prep work done for the curtains in her future baby's room, and enjoyed our time together. i gave her a 'how pregnant am i' test by having her stand up and try to see her toes. she failed to see her toes, and thus won the test: she is very pregnant. while sitting down to try out the sewing monster, the baby started to kick a little, and lisa grabbed my hand so i could feel the little foot in action. i cried a little - the tears just squirted right out. it was an amazing moment, and i felt honored she let me feel up her pregnant tummy.

today, i'm perfectly content to stay here, happily aware that we are all growing in all sorts of different ways, watching the shifts and drifts of the world outside. and contemplating the twists and turns, the beauty and hard work, the tears of overwhelming emotion and laughter of surprise and delight, the hard times and joyful times the new year will bring.