Sep 23, 2009


oh dear. i just found out in a very round-about way that there is a surprise in store for me. it's a birthday surprise. and... having checked the calendar just now... i see that both birthday and surprise are exactly three weeks from today. i am a horrible surprisee. just hearing about it and my face got all flushed and my stomach turned and tumbled.

it doesn't matter if the surprise is a big one (a finger monkey, a carnival just like at the end of annie -- and even my biggest enemy could come and ride the elephant and we could all be happy, a boat ride with samberg and t-pain) or a small one (a pat on the back, a piece of candy, a coupon from the sunday paper inserts). truly does not matter. any which way, it's a big deal to me.

i mentioned i am a horrible, horrible surprisee, didn't i?

this will drive me bonkers. absolutely crazy up and down walls, inside and out of my head. and, yes, i have been known to resort to cajoling, begging, whining, tantrum throwing, pleading, eyelash batting, needling, and any other activity i think may elicit information.

three weeks is a very long time. BUT. will it be longer for the surprisor, or the surprisee? time will tell.

Sep 11, 2009

i've been feeling out how it might be to take two classes this semester, only two weeks in and i'm getting my groove down. if i don't shoot myself in the foot by checking my favorite websites frequently like the 'net addict i can be, i might just find the time to do all my readings and assignments and come out just fine at the end. it also doesn't help that style network keeps airing programming of amazingly low quality but high entertainment value.

nate has been hard at work, getting into the thick of a time management book for technonerds. this one appears to resonate a bit more with him than "getting things done" ever did. is this attributable to the focus on core principles rather than on a specific system? perhaps. is it because it speaks to the technonerd audience directly and the examples are all based on work experiences nate relates to directly? maybe. is it because o'reilly is the publisher and this is one in a series of technonerd books that are revered, and yep, there's another woodland creature on the cover? could be. i won't argue with any of this. the author gets right to his points, he appears knowledgeable and humorous, and kept my attention through the introduction. i especially appreciated his brief section about how to spend newly found time, suggesting all sorts of activities to get the technonerd away from the desk and out into the rest of the world. kudos. extra super duper brownie points for end of the book suggestions of ways to lead a life broader than the nearest laptop.

so nate's been reading, taking notes, and starting to take names in his own work task list. it's nice to see. and i am reminded that i should bring that own focus back into my own tasks. now would be a good time, so i don't let pretty sparkly diversions distract me from the things i most want: shared experiences with my near and dear, some moments to reflect each day, and time for unplanned amusements without feeling guilty for choosing adventures over obligations.

i'm spinning: erik friendlander's "block ice and propane"
i'm reading: barbara kingsolver's "animal, vegetable, miracle"

Sep 3, 2009

4 years young

today nate and i celebrate four years of each other's company. we are planning a dinner out.

four more years!

that is a pretty great phrase to yell. i may try it out at home later tonight.