Apr 11, 2008

day 2 of 2

Okay, so maybe Hillary won't be here. Too bad. I hope I overlap long enough to see some of the coterie. May not happen.

It's been a whole lot of quality hotel time. I did go on a date, nate's word, last night with this really lovely lady who is a consultant with my group. we strolled up pearl street and looked in a few stores, then found our way to lucky noodle for a delicious thai meal and some great conversation.

i might have to stop there again today for gelato. according to their marketing, it's good. let me be the judge of that, i say. i think i'll have an hour or two for a stroll once this conference wraps up and before my flight out. ann recommended I go check out the public library's courtyard, so i may head that way, too.

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