Dec 13, 2007

telegram, september 16 1915

"instructions to the government of aleppo [city in northern syria]: it was at first communicated to you that by order of the jemiet, "the ittihad committee" had decided to destroy all the armenians living in turkey. those who oppose this order and decision cannot remain on the official staff of the empire. an end must be put to their existence however criminal the measures taken may be, and no regard must be paid to either age or sex or to conscientious scruples."

.sent by mehmed talat pasha, turkish minister of interior affairs from july 1913 to october 1918.


mary said...

holy shit.

dcs said...

yeah, but i think the jury's still out on that one. i mean, it happened (or did it?) a long time ago, right? besides, if you're not careful with what you say, turkey might not let you back in next time.

and p.s.: why do you hate america?