Dec 22, 2007

which is sadder?

1. at my volunteer gig i was asked to create a sign, which i did in a very simple way - all words, no pictures, straight to the point. i used markers. i was highly praised for my skill set. i was told my verbiage would be used in an email and asked if i wanted to be credited in said email. it was the most praise i received for my work all week.

2. alone at home a few nights ago i watched 28 days, starring sandra bullock. actually, what i did was select it from amongst all the free On Demand features to watch. and then i watched it. the whole thing. and was only moderately disappointed with myself for spending almost two hours of my life doing so.


dcs said...

I would have more respect for you if you said that you thought you were going to watch "28 Days Later" but accidentally got stuck watching ol' square-faced bullock because the remote control broke and the TV wouldn't shut off.

In fact, I'll pretend that's what happened.

nate said...

i vote for #1 as the sadder of the two, because i'm keenly aware of your love of bad movies. we can't resist, so why even try?