Jan 29, 2008

growls about parking permits

huge. mental. block. getting between me and a 2008 visitor parking permit issued from city hall. i have now stood in line twice at 8:30 in the morning only to realize i have illegitimate proof of my residence. yesterday it was the magazines - no magazines allowed. why not? they are dated. in fact, one of them is a weekly, and would definitely be delivered within the month. and i didn't check carefully enough yesterday, but all the mail i had with me (and in fact, all the mail i have received and haven't recycled yet) is undated. they all are pre-paid postage pieces with no postmark.

what the hell happened to my correspondence? i just corresponded to myself from work. hopefully i'll get my incredibly depressing self-sent mail within the next couple of days.

my favorite moment in this minor struggle was the comment i got from the city clerk when i suggested they make the rules more explicit on their website: "lady, do you know how long our website would be if we posted every possible rule?" here's a guess: just long enough, asshole.

as dad quipped, that's what i get for trying to fight city hall.

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