Aug 30, 2007


see this? mrs. federline's home state, louisiana, is pushing indecency ordinances for sagging, or wearing your pants low. seeing how it can be really difficult given personal expression laws to enforce dress codes, they are going after kids for allowing their bodies to show inapropriately. maybe they should have a word with mrs. federline first.


nate said...

girlfriend, it's hot down there. gots ta let things AIR OUT.

Lone Gamrath said...

Hi Sarah.

I just got your letter today. Thanks. I often think of you too. And I am happy you are doing fine. Sorry to hear about your granmother. I hope your granfather will be all right. And send my love to your mom. It sounds like a graet idea to go to Turkey. I was in Istanbul last fall on a cancer congress. Must sees are: the blue mosque, the grand bazar, the spice market and a boat trip on the Bosporus strait. I didn't have much time to do sightseeing but it is a amazing city. Beware of taxi drivers, though. They are always cheating you, and they all have an uncle or a cousin who is a carpet dealer who has a special prize Just for you. I have not tried to use a blog before, since I am very old. But I have an e-mail address, which is
I still work for Novartis, but I just accepted a job offer from Bayer working as a Key Account Manager with a brand new cancer drug.

I would like to write some more but I don't even know if this will get to you. If it does will you let me know, otherwise I will write you a letter in a few days.

Lots of love from Lone