Aug 29, 2007

paleface wants trees

beautiful, blue skies out today. i decided the appropriate thing to do was take a walk on my lunch break, along the charles river and around cambridge. one nice big loop to last the hour. halfway through i was sweating up a storm and feeling drained. i am not built for summer, nor did i prepare for this outing.

and, i never paid attention to the spacing of the trees along the river. from nate's car or whizzing by on my bike it doesn't really matter, but there just aren't enough trees. sure i'm a tree lover, but even so, can we get cambridge some shade? shouldn't we be able to walk around without getting heat stroke?

my other question is, why was there absolutely not one street-food vendor around hawking ice cold beverages straight out o a cooler and from underneath a nice big umbrella? what the hell?

this guy's got it going on.

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