Aug 27, 2007

patience shmatience

"Your grades are not available at this time. Please check back later" and "Syllabi are posted as they become available" are two phrases i do not need to see again.

i'm waiting to hear about how well i performed in my first academic class since i last submitted a final paper. eight years ago. i have a similar average opinion of my work now as i did following my midterm exam. i received a high grade for the midterm, however, i prepared for that, and i hardly prepared for the final exam. and my final paper was cobbled together at the eleventh hour. it won't much matter to me if my grade drops, but the suspense is gnawing away at my guts.

for the fall i've signed up for introduction to social psychology. there's a course description and a list of the graded assignments. but still, i have no idea what to expect class to class.

i have a notebook and am ready to purchase my reading materials and get started, but the syllabus has not been posted. for my summer class i was able to read the first assigned book before class number one. getting that done made me feel grounded and ready to start working. my stress about balancing a class with full-time work was also quelled. in this syllabus free void, i feel weightless and directionless, scared i might start falling before i've even begun.

august 30
update on final grade - high marks! time to celebrate!
update on syllabus - none in sight. bummer.

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