Sep 21, 2007

hyggelig hen til på gensyn

i hope that translated correctly, i used this website to get the danish version of "nice to see you."

after lapsed communication on my part, i owed a response to a letter sent to me over a year ago, i have been reconnecting with my first au pair, lone, who has also very recently created a small web presence.

i am so pleased that we have been able to rekindle a relationship. it makes me feel all warm and happy to hear about the growth of and changes in her career and two beautiful children. lone was a teenager and i was still in grade school when we first met, and we were both figuring out a lot of things for ourselves. we've seen each other once since then, when i was close to the age she was when she came to america. there will be business trips that bring lone back to the states. i'll be hatching and scheming plans to see her...

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