Sep 19, 2007

sore shanks

about a week before i did the 70-mile ride i decided it would be a good idea to cross-train, and i used all sorts of muscles that were decidedly sore until a day or two before the ride. of course, limiting the comfort of riding and doing real training before that big day. i thought, how silly. and i thought, that's surely a lesson that i should put more time between using oft-ignored muscles and a long ride.

which must be why come monday i decided the weather was so beautiful that i shouldn't go to the gym - that i should, instead, jog. i, who haven't touched a track, a field, a fast pace on foot for more than a few seconds since 1999...yes, i put some headphones on and went out in the neighborhood to alternate jogging and walking until everything was sore. that took about 18 minutes. i really don't need to go into detail about how very un-sojo this act was, or how unlikely it is that anyone will believe that i did anything close to running.

and so, about a week before before i do another big ride, i decided it would be just fine to cross-train and make all sorts of leggy, knee-y, and shanky muscles decidedly sore. noted: riding to work this morning felt nice, but after a few hours large portions of the lower half of my body are reluctant and angry.

i have fielded a request to not run again before riding this weekend. i will happily oblige.

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katygirl said...

I remain shocked and dismayed at this news. Pretty sure it's something you will NEVER read over at katy-girl...