Sep 14, 2007

thank poo to you,

the campus bookstore wants $104 for a used text i need. upward of $150 or so for it new. i had to see it in person. an employee told me it was 6th edition, but the only version i found online was 1st edition. fortunately, the employee was wrong - it was published in 2006, and is clearly the only edition that exists. with shipping from an amazon vendor it runs about $70. that makes $30 i can put to good use elsewhere, right? money i would've spent otherwise... perhaps it will go towards an appropriate autumn wedding outfit, say, that i'll be shopping for this evening. or, maybe for extra maza, "small dishes" tapas, one night in turkey. So, Amazon didn't process my credit card and now I have to go buy the more expensive copy in person if I want to have the book in time to read before classes start and then upon my return over the holiday weekend. boo. hiss. grumble. but hey...(turkey! in ninefive days!)

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