Feb 11, 2008

weekend physical fun

katy and i did our second yoga class together yesterday. it was pretty manageable - the pace was good for those who need to ease into practice, and the instructor and her assistant were very attentive and thoughtful. we even did handstands against the wall, which was a first for me and highly entertaining. my guts are all sore again, which i see as a good thing.

it was an active sunday for me. stretching and strengthening, followed by an afternoon cross-country ski adventure in new hampshire. nate and i avoided the crazy multiple personality weather system that raged in the sky and ended up in the sun, on skiis, traipsing around a snowy golf course. crisp air, wind in hair, lot of layers making me sweat, families out and about on snowshoes and skiis. i went down a few small hills, blazed a few new trails in fresh snow, and had a great time.

there is almost no evidence of my weekend warrior nature (nate did manage one shot from his iphone of my ski trails along some fresh snow). most of the proof is in my tender hamstrings.

the least interesting weekend activity had the most effect on me - i wrenched my back good and proper carrying my older ikea coffee table a couple of blocks to dave's house. i took ibuprofin and did a few modified moves in yoga, and tried to treat it gently. it's still tender, but the stretches and the skiing may have helped work out some of the muscle pull. dave better use that g.d. thing every day.

every. day.


Dave St.Germain said...

So far I've been using the table every day. In fact, I've got my feet on it right now!

I went to a show at the Middle East on Saturday, and by the end of it my back was killing me. I thought it was from standing up for too long, but perhaps moving that table did more of a number on me than I thought.

sarah jo said...

you are old and broken, too. congratulations!