Mar 18, 2008

beyonce and her voluptuousness

my bamboo plant, beyonce, has been with me for close to 7 years now. she has spent all that time in a tiny little ceramic cup. recently she looked like death was at her doorstep, so last night i took it upon myself to relocate her to more spacious grounds. i found a simple carafe on sale at crate and barrel for 9 bucks, and a store between work and home was selling some river rocks. the only real trouble was getting beyonce out of her digs. her root system was, well, quite well developed. (she really does resemble the real beyonce in many ways). i had a hard time getting her out of that shell. i thought i might have to break her out. but no, aftert much prodding and pulling, i did free her from the confines of that sarah jo-imposed prison. i found a bunch of floral foam had been holding her in place, and the pebbles just covered the surface. i broke her off in several pieces during this process. she may not recover. but i figure at least she has room to try, rather than the slow and certain death that awaited her. and at the very least, she looks much better now. an airy, clear container with stones versus the grimy old fake antiqued pottery she had been in. if she does die, she does so with great grace and style. wish her luck.


katygirl said...

Ah, Beyonce. You have loved her well for so long. I wish her a quick convalescence and a return to full bootiliciosity.

And after all this time, she reveals yet more secrets - floral foam! Who knew?

sarah jo said...

i see growing roots already! beyonce really is amazing.