Mar 6, 2008

keeping it short

katy sent me a link that showed up at jezebel the other day about a study being done on a gene connection between long lives and short stature in women. the study is actually on ashkenazi jews. here i was, all concerned that i was out of the most important demographic, and this study shows up. vindication! the post is here - it contains links to two other mentions at science daily, and scientific american.

in honor of that short but sweet story, i offer news in a short and hopefully sweet format:

1. last tuesday there was a deluge of noxious water/anti-freeze from the ceiling at my place of employment. there was flooding. there was mayhem. all that remains of the horror now: a heavily stained and smelly carpet. my office was close to the epicenter, but i am fine, and have a great new story to tell at parties.

2. vades is likely moving back up to the boston area for more schoolin'. she's whipsmart, that one. she will come to the area and bring her strong, bitter, and thoroughly amusing personality to the greater boston area. it, and she, will be welcomed with wide open sarah jo arms.

3. i've been eating oatmeal for breakfast. seriously, this may be the most dramatic news of all. i think i have overcome my pure and unadulterated disgust of hot cereal enough to eat a very sticky version of the stuff.

4. nate will be the second of two residents of "dojo sojo" in a matter of weeks. all manner of emotions have been bubbling up. but mainly a whole lot enthusiasm and joy to be sharing more of my world with nate. and, i am super supremo excited that neither of us will spend large portions of our lives moving back and forth every few days, living like nomads.

5. may i recommend making individual apple-blackberry pies in your muffin tin? you will thank yourself. i used this recipe, but tweaked. i had no lemon, so i used some orange juice. i used black instead of rasp. i used store-bought pie crust. and finally, i had to put a little more flour in the filling because i had no corn starch. the recipe still stood up. of course, you could do almost anything to a pie and you'd be forgiven.

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