Mar 31, 2008

tooths and trees

i wore brown pants and a green sweater today, so clearly i was just asking to be compared to an ent. i am proud that i had no idea what an ent was until it was explained to me. sort of diminishes the embarrassment of recently recalling, fondly, out loud, and in front of another living person an episode of star trek: the next generation featuring the borg.

so, i remind my orthodontist of a nasty and grouchy overgrown shrubbery. that's alright. i just had my second to last appointment there. instead of bi-weekly, i'll be going again at the end of june, and then i don't have to go back unless some retainer emergency arises. and, i get to stop paying him to torture my teeth. all this, and my snaggle tooth has been tamed.

i have found out a small number of things about my orthodontist over the past 3 months - he like sculpting, teeth and wood; he actually carves wood in his free time; he considers himself "earthy;" he is a fan of the lord of the rings; he notices peoples shoes. that's about it. i thought about getting him some sort of small wood carving tool as a little thank you, but then i remembered i just paid him over a thousand bucks and that you can buy a lot of tools with that much money.

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