Jun 5, 2008

5 things about my day

1. this morning they were tearing up my street with all manner of big equipment. the jackhammering came early, much like it did yesterday and the day before. good thing i've been getting to bed early. oh wait, no, last night i went to bed after 2am, that's right. i almost forgot.

2. it's a time of long hours. putting in extra time in order to get loads done and try to get ahead of the curve. at this rate i'll just be doing my regular job really well. i'm going to have to put in even more hours. dang it all.

3. i'm listening to santogold at mary's insistence. and enjoying it tremendously. so very spring fun.

4. in the last 9 hours i have gone: to the kitchen twice; to the bathroom three times; outside not at all; insane a handful of times.

5. as a treat i did some online purchasing midday to help with a secret surprise project. i am very excited to get mail in the next few days!

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