Jul 18, 2008

anyone know swahili?

tushirikiane kwa wema tuishi kwa neema

that's what's printed on a beautiful textile veronica gave me. i found a few of the words on their own, but am having no luck with the phrase in it's entirety.

thanks, v.


Brian said...

My friend Lynsey, who is currently in Nairobi doing work (http://greencityinthesun.blogspot.com/), says:

The textile is called a kanga/ khanga - a cloth that women wear on the coast. They put little proverbs (methali) on them... and they tend to be about love and life. Lots of stuff about weddings.

This one - tushirikiane kwa wema tuishi kwa neema - basically means Let us join together with goodness so that we may live with blessings.

sarah jo said...

it's good to know that some of the vocab i was getting from online was on target - but the grammatical, as well as cultural, context was completely missing.

thanks, brian - that was so helpful and interesting!

Veronica said...

oh that's so nice! wow, i'm glad i gave you that one, sarita. so fitting.