Jul 2, 2008

craft malaise

rocky road with this current project.  i have a strict/tight deadline, and just when i finally got the rhythm down for unscrewing the whole sewing machine to reposition the motor belt when it falls off, now there's something funky with the bobbin so that the thread all bunches up and so the stitches don't catch.  if anyone has advise, i'll gladly take it.  i just spent half an hour looking for machine reviews online and trolling craigslist to see if there are any cheap and decent used machines out there.  tomorrow night the sewing shop in davis is open late -  i may stop by after work to see what i can see.

i'm off to florida on friday morning, back again sunday.  and i'm hoping to have my project done by the following friday night... maybe i should use the plane ride to consider back up gift ideas.


Anonymous said...

no u should come here and pick up something! mama

katygirl said...

This is late advice giving, but is your bobbin in there backwards? Cause that'll cause thread horribleness and thread breaking and all sorts of other peskiness. Also, come borrow my sewing machine.