Aug 26, 2008

body movin'

after waging war with a summer cold and sore throat i have been most recently in battle with a strange allergic reaction which affected only my left eye. i wish i'd thought to wear a condom as an eye patch and join a hip hop group. sadly, i was not that imaginative. instead, i bought some antihistamine pills and hoped for the best. all seems well. i look much less like the fun-house mirror version of myself that i did last wednesday. added bonus of the drugs: i spent the weekend in a cat-laden household and experienced no allergy symptoms. so, yay drugs.

i visited rachel who was house and cat sitting for her sister in winooski, vermont - just a backbeat away from burlington. it was a lovely couple of days filled with good conversation, weather and food, with some swimming and riverside walking thrown in for good measure.

i came home with the swimming bug and some pink scalp and a huge craving for more fresh cherries and tomatoes. so i've got a shopping list in mind, and a rekindled desire to use the pool at the Y. however, if i insist on going to bed at midnight i'll never realize my dream to take swims before getting ready for work.

so, no refreshing early morning swims for me yet. though nate and i did get through a good arm workout yesterday, and i started my second week of push-ups. and i am reminding myself that sore muscles are better than muscles in stasis. i need to keep reminding myself every time i move so i don't say inappropriate things in the office.

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