May 7, 2009

giving back my keys

early next week dad and gil leave nyc and head to california, and 41 5th gets a new owner. nate and i visited last weekend, but i left my keys in boston by accident. at least i think it was an accident. this morning i mailed back my set of keys to the apartment.

41 5th.
where dad thumped around my room, chasing a mouse in the middle of the night without waking me up.
where i got ready for the prom my junior year before being picked up for a double-date, and dad had to run outside with the camera because i refused to wait around for the obligatory photo session.
where we watched 5th avenue paraders in the summer, and cross-country skiing in the winter.
where one year eric got ready for halloween in the middle of the night, donning a cheerleading costume and making me spray his blond wig with gold glitter, which landed in every conceivable crack in the wood flooring and drove dad crazy for years afterwards.
where there used to be a murphy bed in the second bedroom and i sometimes fell and got wedged in the gap between the head of the bed and the wall unit.
where i recovered from the chicken pox in 5th grade and an ovarian cyst in 10th.
where i put a "no smoking" sticker i got at school on the mirror in my room and finally took it down years after dad quit.
where doug brought his mom to meet us for a bagel brunch before our first date in sixth grade ("the naked gun" at a theater on 8th street)
where dad used to have a white shag rug and a mirrored wet bar in the living room.
where i could find dad for the past 23 years.

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