Mar 19, 2010

to do list

- stop messing around
- start taking things seriously
- get 8 hours of sleep each night
- eat more protein
- take multivitamin every day
- scrub behind my ears
- thank katy for lending me her hoopty on tuesday
- also find out which cd of hers i was listening to
- drink more water
- tell family i love them, even when we don't see eye-to-eye
- tell friends i love them, even when we don't see each other often
- tell nate i love him, even when he has stinky breath and steals the covers
- give myself more reading time and less noodling on the internetz time
- start online pet-naming business
- have some strawberries


katygirl said...

Which cd was it? Maybe God Help the Girl, the musical written by B&S's Stuart Murdoch?

Anyway, you are more than welcome for the hoopty-lending. Any old time.

sarah jo said...

It was a dude singing. Not the B&S musical, which was the first cd i heard. I then skipped around a little, i think maybe disc 2? whatever it was, i think it was followed by live REM. ???

katygirl said...

i shall check when i get in the car next. stay tuned!

Clare B said...

Great list! I'd keep almost everything on your list and add - run once a week now that it's warm enough and don't forget to water the plants. :)

katygirl said...

oh hey - the cd was by One Eskimo. I know absolutely nothing about them except that my mom heard them on the radio and sent me the cd because she liked them. not bad, but they're a little coldplay-ish for my tastes...