May 12, 2010

a lovely week

[warning: i am link-happy today]

this is turning into quite a lovely week. it started out with completing the final assignment for my developmental psychopathology course, and the rushing wave of relief that accompanied my submission of it to the course dropbox. although my work schedule meant i wouldn't be able to make it to the confirmation of olivia, nate's cousin, i had the good luck of making the guestlist for a taza chocolate tasting/marketing event in cambridge last night, and took katy as my plus one. katy and i made plans to meet up again tonight at diesel so i can benefit from her help while i start working on a new knitting project: calorimetry. i've been listening to great free music from the npr music website, from a short playlist by johnny rotten, to live performances by the emerson string quartet and charlotte gainsbourg. i've had delicious and lovingly prepared food at home, worked and stretched my muscles out of complacency, and am about to dive deep into a new book. we had extra hand soap under the sink when i though we were running low, and we have a new houseplant.

this is a week worthy of using as a standard. all other weeks please take note: you will be expected to live up to this one, so go ahead and make any appropriate adjustments so i will not be disappointed. thank you.

(and, button jar - you, too, should pay attention. make your location known to me or suffer a downgrade in my estimation. thank you.)

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