Jul 15, 2010

back groovin'

it was a good day at work, nate and i met afterwards at a local jewlery shop and ordered our wedding rings (holy moly!), i enjoyed some knitting and a sandwich, then went off to dance class, my first since the muscle tear on march 19th of last year. and honey made my return all the sweeter by having us get down to prince, michael jackson, and some old funk. now i've got a plate full of fruit and a bed ready and waiting, and soon the weekend will be calling my name.

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Clare B said...

Yeah! Back to dancing. After seeing everyone dancing in Copenhagen I think I'm going to have to insist on some dance classes for M and I. Not quite Michael Jackson - but some jive and salsa will do just fine!

Just saw Veronica for a few days here in Berlin and then at Kristine's wedding in Copenhagen, she mentioned that you are getting married at the end of summer! And then I popped over here and you're buying wedding rings. Very excited for you.