Sep 10, 2007

unfamiliar things about myself

erin got in touch with me from japan to show me how my presence is worldwide. according to my rusty japanese, "sojo" is an auto and technology school. maybe they'd give me free tuition to be their mascot.

i haven't been sleeping through the night. i get up sometime around 4 or 6am, and am awake briefly, and then return to a less-than-satisfying slumber. i'm hoping to break the cycle. should i: completely wear myself at the end of the night by climbing the stairs a bunch of times? have warm milk before bed? stop eating dinner as late as 10pm?

nate has informed me that once i fall asleep my prefered position is oogled down below the blanketline, head off pillow, and on my back. how odd. i've never liked to sleep on my back. what other patterns of behavior have i been taking for granted about myself that aren't true?

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