Sep 10, 2007


instead of a cocktail with dinner the other night at the west side lounge, i asked for some lemon or lime for my tap water. i almost never ask for garnish, unless i think i can get away with scoring extra maraschino cherries with a shirley temple, so i'm not sure what inspired me.

various food pursuits for this week required the acquisition of a stash of limes at the store last night, and halfway through last night's prep of black bean and portobello mushroom burgers with a corn salsa i was left with part of a lime. refrigerate it for later? that's how i end up with shriveled bits of citrus emaciating away in plastic-wrap shrouds. i quickly joined it with the water glasses. nate told of an ex who limed her water to get more vitamin c and make more palatable the pursuit of hydration. and today, i saw this waterlogged entry at 'married ...with dinner.' boosted by all this timely background info, i'm now officially on a limekick.


Anita said...
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Anita said...

So happy to hear our post inspired you. :)