Oct 19, 2007

snaps of turkey: airport and izmir

my first taste of turkey. hot, strong tea and a not-too sweet pastry filled with sesame paste and topped with sesame seeds. i think i'm gonna like it here.

stelfi is the brand of bathroom hardware favored at the airport. elefants everywhere! i know i'm gonna like it here.

after a flight from istanbul to izmir and a good night's rest, we explored some of Izmir (formerly known as Smyrna). we walked through the bazaar and ended up at this big square.

we checked out the aegean and walked along the coast briefly. besides the sea, and a few back alleys, we weren't all that keen on what we saw and had no plans to stick around. so we busted out of Izmir towards the greener pastures of Selcuk.

nate's pictures on the road to turkey
nate's pictures from izmir

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