Oct 25, 2007

snaps of turkey: selcuk

a large percentage of turkey's pupulation still makes it's living through agriculture. we saw a lot of people using tractors as their main form of transportation. nice parking job with this one in the heart of town.

the view over the countryside by selcuk, from the ruins of the basilica of st.john.

still at the basilica, a great view of the the citadel on the hillside in the distance, which sadly is closed to the public due to the lack of structural integrity.

al fresco dining at a small restaurant on a side street overlooking the site of one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world - the temple to artemis. however, to see any artifacts of the temple, one must go to the british museum. the site is now a very famous grassy field. dinner was tasty, and removed from the more touristy part of town.

nate's pictures from selcuk

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