Nov 18, 2007

snaps of turkey: ruins at efes

sitting in the theater and looking out to a wide avenue lined with columns.

from inside a covered passageway into the theater on the hill.

too bad i don't know that dude on the hill, would've been the perfect shot. nate kindly took my direction and climbed around, but i made a mockery of that shot, so i refuse to show it.

one small detail of carving from the entire city site.

beautifully restored facade.

the site at efes is a paltry few kilometers from selcuk. to get there we took a dolmus (shared minibus with low prices that go around and between towns). on the way back, we walked. armed with water, head coverings, and the tree-lined main drag, we survived the heat of the day. we also stopped to watch the herding of some cows.

nate's pictures from efes

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