May 4, 2008

the doorstop is super cute. i really like it. however, i had not enough beans, so it's a bit floppy. nate assures me i can buy more beans, rip my handstitches, fill to the max, then resew. i sure can. not sure yet if it's worth it.

katy also lets me know that i am free to use her patterns at any time. good friend. next time i will certainly do so. at least i know i can make a pattern and it works. confidence boost in place, perhaps i should make all sorts of patterns going forward. maybe i will, once i master the art of the backstitch that doesn't make a seam look like crap.

oh, and pictures still to come. i had to use nate's camera because mine was out of juice, and he hasn't unloaded his memory card yet.

while typing that last bit i thought of that movie "batteries not included" and really wanted to watch it again just to see that cute little pepsi can premie ufo

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