May 25, 2009

damn good weekend

i was just looking back a couple of posts ago and realized my calf injury was just about two months ago. i'm actually doing well. i've got lots of get up and go, and my calf has been cooperative. two months seemed like it would take forever, but it flew by after all. it helped that i have been able to bike now for weeks. but i can see and feel how i still won't be at full "HIYA!" power for a little while longer. i'm jonesing for a dance class, and plan to try again in maybe a week or two.

speaking of biking and jonesing...

this weekend has been full of lovely things. i rewatched "Se7en" on Friday night; took a road trip with nate, V. and S. to North Adams to attend the 10th anniversary ball at Mass Moca and ended up on stage with v. singing back up for Miss Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings; showed up late and during the torrential downpour on Sunday afternoon to a cook/hang out at the house of nate's former co-worker, Ted, and gorged ourselves courtesy of the potluck offerings and the big tent draw, Meat-a-palooza; and today, a slow leisurely start followed by a 30something mile round-trip ride to Walden Pond.

i crossed several things off my life's to-do list over the past three days, and feel utterly relaxed and happy. with all that and my leg feeling stronger...well... that's one damn good weekend.

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