May 29, 2009

knock some wood for us

the big news of the day: nate and i got the approval letter from the bank for our mortgage. we're about to take on the biggest debt in our lives, and actually, i'm really happy. how could i not be? this was the last big hurdle between us and a home to call our own. i'm very excited. of course, all that excitement comes with a bit of apprehension. i've never taken on any type of debt at all. nate has more experience at this - he's taken out loans for school and his car. i don't know if that's preparation, but owing vast amounts of money may not be the entirely unfamiliar situation for him as it is for me. regardless, i'm a grinning palm-sweating jubilant mess. dad emailed to welcome me to the american dream. (yes, thanks.)

another month and we'll be plunking down a big ol' check of our own, a big ol' check from the bank, and ready to move into a new home. in the meantime, all the big pieces that were causing me stress are now in place and i can sigh the biggest sigh of relief. that, and i had a good review from my supervisor at work and the reassurance that my job is still mine for another year, and i'm about to have a second great weekend in a row. thank you, world.


nate said...

lady, it's scary for me, too. we're in it together, though, so i know we'll make it all work. let's do this!

sarah jo said...

crap. now i want to get all sappy out here in public... (sorry all you publics out there, suck it up.)

nate, i love you. and we're totally making it work and doing this!

katygirl said...

Phew phew phew! So glad your letter came through and that your job is safe for a year.

Love you guys and so happy for you both!

Anonymous said...

love u both!! can't wait to see your new home

EGR said...

I feel like I'm two weeks late. That's awesome!