Jun 18, 2009

housing update

no turning back now. we've shut down the dojo temporarily. as of wednesday afternoon we and all of our stuff were out. for the week and a half while we have no place to call our own, we have shelter courtesy of V's extended lease. we're living in cramped but quiet quarters, trying our best to fly under anyone's radar.

tomorrow morning dad and i sign paperwork in exchange for money, and my home for the last 4 years legally becomes someone else's joy and headache. nate and i take over our own joy and headache next friday. we'll be moving from between Harvard and MIT stomping grounds to near Tufts stomping grounds. Ah, Greater Boston - never too far from school.

the next week and a half we'll be finding excuses to leave our temporary digs for more hospitable and less claustrophobic climes. i'm thinking more bike rides, more trips to the gym, more lazing about on public green spaces. sounds really great, actually.

i've also decided on a summer course, and will be busy each week, starting next tuesday, learning about abnormal psychology. this is the fascinating stuff that generally gets exploited by news and movies: ooh, mood disorders! aah, personality disorders! ohh, shizophrenia!

so the summer is shaping up: we'll have a house to make into a home, i'll have coursework to keep my brain spinning, and a few little fun trips and activities to keep us feeling fresh and energized. by the time we get to all that, perhaps the weather will actually cooperate and act it's season.

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