Jun 23, 2009

always a way to procrastinate with technology

at our temporary home, we've found close to no internet available to us. a few days ago we could sit at the very front edge of the house and get two little bars of activity, signaling we had successfully latched on to a neighbor's account. they may have noticed, because now there are no bars. last night we resorted to reading for hours. it took a while to get used to this new arrangement. nate kept fiddling with his iphone, trying to send lengthly emails and show me new posts on dlisted, which just strained my eyes. and rather than dig right into an exciting new chapter in the psychology textbook, i tried one last time to connect to email, failed, and then - lo! - i discovered i had downloaded one of dirtyboots' november novels to my desktop, and had never read it. salvation, once again, from my own best interests. so that's how come i'm a few chapters into a story about a time-traveling older brother and a sister who is trying to find him using audio archeology and a few chapters behind my abnormal psychology readings.

[psst...clare... i never saw the X-files episode you mentioned, but i recently saw the same premise on Fringe: they were playing back a window pane which had melted a little wavy bit in an intense heat blast from something akin to sponteneous human combustion! a two-fer!]


nate said...

we must wean ourselves off the internet teat. camping would surely kill us.

Clare said...

oh my god! scary as! i hate burning to death and melting a window a little bit.