Nov 22, 2009

nate found the cable for downloading photos from my camera. day is saved! and i've created a tabblo of my first knitting project:

Tabblo: Knitting, take 1

Katy taught me how to cast on and knit a garter stitch. In the course of one afternoon I managed to knit, very slowly, a few inches using her yarn, her needles, and relying on her instruction and help. A week later, I had used up the full ball of yarn on my first practice piece.

A few notes:
1. Knitting is addictive, fun, and satisfying
2. I'm more likely to create extra stitches rather than drop them.
3. It's really helpful to have people around to help as you get going. Especially to tell you to "spread them" while casting on, and to tell you about where to put your balls. ... See my Tabblo>

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