Nov 19, 2009


usually i: make it through work; putter around; and do alright.

today i: accomplished a boatload of work; did a significant amount of assigned reading; went to class; paid two forgotten credit card bills right before the payment due dates; repaired one broken hairpin, two necklaces, and one bracelet; took pictures of my first completed knitting project (if only i could find the cable to let me transfer them to the computer); watched a couple of television programs; and called my mother.

i don't want to take from this that a 3 p.m. cafe au lait and ginger cookie break makes me more productive, but the correlation is unavoidable.

here's how the rest of the year will go: i will work a day, go to a party in honor of a friend and her on-the-way-baby, go fabric shopping, do a lot of assignments, go back to work two days, go to class, go to work, pack, go see family for thanksgiving, come back, go to work for two days, go to class, go to work for two days, go to class, go to work, get on a plane heading east across the atlantic, be on vacation for 8 days, get back on a plane heading west this time, go to work two days, take a final, go to work two days, take another final, go to work, take a breath and figure out what the hell is going on, have a weekend at home, go to work four days and then it's christmas, then it's after christmas, then it's the new year.

holy crap.


Veronica said...

oy vey.
sounds like you need an IV cafe au lait infusion for the next 2 months

Clare said...

Nice one! Giner cookies are particularly useful. I can't wait for Christmas!

Clare said...

Ginger cookies, even.